Golden Hands

The journey continues to our atelier in Bangkok. Bangkok is the place where the Sparkling Jewels jewelry is made. We find the atelier of Sparkling Jewels alone one of Bangkok's major roads. A small atelier full of daylight and open spaces where real craftsmen are busy polishing and grinding our new Fall Winter 2018 items. One of the master goldsmiths is Heng Sae-Li.

Heng: "I have been living and working in Bangkok all my life. A total of 45 goldsmiths, stone setters and polishers work here in the Sparkling Jewels atelier. We are passionate about the quality of our jewelry craftsmanship, which is meticulous and follows the century-old traditions of jewelry making techniques"

"It takes great skill and years of experience plus many hours to finely handcraft each pendant from beginning to end, starting with raw silver or brons. The work of true artists, it involves individually shaping and making fine adjustments to house each gemstone perfectly"

Each jewel is polished and cleaned before being boxed, ready for collection or delivery. It undergoes different polishing stages to ensure its optimum brilliance. Using a high jewelry technique, the metal is hand-polished with various brushes. We have two different polishing techniques for our pendants, as you may know! One of them is sandblasting and the other is a high polished metal finishing.

We have 12 different pendant designs in our collection. From a bold Ice Mat with CZ swarovski stone setted Core pendant to a high polished minimalistic Aurora pendant, you name it, we have it! Shop all of our pendants here



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