Inspired by the world

Each season we aim to take the new collection an its campaigns to a higher level. Also this year we have managed to create a beautiful fall/winter collection.  After many brainstorm sessions, research and travel trips we would love to take you on a journey into a World Full of Sparkle.

We always start from scratch. Blanco notice boards are going to be filled with inspirational quotes, travel-places, fashion, street style, architecture and interesting stories. Twice a year we create a new collection that consists of items that perfectly blend with most of the popular items from our previous collection.

The inspiration wall at our office turns into winterly colored mood boards. It gets us all excited to see every step getting visualize onto the best season of the year. Frequently the team members asks themselves the question what’s the kind of feeling do we get from the selected colors? What would the consumer love to wear?  We always strive to put you in control, to choose, mix and perfectly match the seasonal colored gemstones together with the newest Sparkling Jewels jewelry pieces.

A little behind the scenes at our office.

Owner and Creative Director Ton Tijhuis and Co-owner Sharon van het Hof are travelling each season to Asia. After the trip they come back with beautiful inspiration. Ton: "The continent is large and incredible versatile: with their highest mountains, ancient temples, serene deserts and modern world cities." But is is not only for the above reasons that Ton and Sharon are devoted to Asia. Sharon: "The craftsmanship and passion that we see when visiting our Sparkling Jewels ateliers in Hong Kong and Bangkok are incredible: talented workers who create the finely finished pendants in Bangkok and also the skilled employee's in Hong Kong whom make beautiful polished gemstones out of the raw and rocky base materials."


Inspired by passion and craftsmanship from all over the world, our new Fall collection is dedicated to the people who developed and created Sparkling Jewels jewelry. We've decided that we want to give you something extra. This season we’ll show you how much work and devotion is actually put into each part of the collection.

Have a look at our new Earringsand don't forget to check out the matching Gemstones

Are you ready to go with us on this magical journey?

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