Spring Summer 2019

Welcome to Your World Full Of Sparkle. Come and explore this beautiful world, wander together with us through small streets of tropical places and go where the wildflowers grow. This collection is made for you!

We believe in telling special stories and exploring exceptional places. This Spring Summer collection takes you on a journey through the West Coast of the Mediterranean Sea. For this collection we imagined the women of today: busy, all-rounders. Sometimes this powerful woman forgets the most important thing in life: herself. We help you to slow down and disconnect form the urban craze. Designed in celebration of individuality and independent women from all walks of life.

It is time to discover the real you, leave all the madness and stress behind you and take yourself to a South-European destiny, full of history. We help you through all the stressful moments in your life by giving you more positive energy.

1. Peach Rhodonite earring set, 2. Aurora Peach pendant set.

Gemstones and minerals are mysterious treasures given to us by earth's inner soul.
The unique pieces of nature have played various roles in myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Each gem is unique with a special color, birthplace and story. By wearing our most precious pieces we want you to feel indestructible and fearless. We want you to do the things you love the most, dance, celebrate and live the life that you want!

Enjoy and celebrate each day as a new beginning by wearing a new special gem every day.


Mix & Match With Sparklinks