Sunny Yellow Calcite

It's Summer here in the Netherlands (Yes, Sparkling Jewels is a real Dutchie)

Summer is always seen as a time with endless opportunities. And that is true to an extent. The days feel like they last forever and there was a countless supply of them. One stone reminds us of those real Summer days... the Yellow Calcite.

We have a thousand reasons to wear Yellow more often! The first words that consistently come to mind when people see the colour yellow are sunshine, warmth, cheer, happiness and sometimes even playfulness. This stems form its associationw with a crucial player in our solar system; the Sun. The Sun wakes us up, keeps us warm and makes us feel happy.

The Yellow Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that is opaque to clear in appearance with different shades from light yellow to deep lemon yellow. This stone can be found in Brazil or Peru.

People say that this stone will help you relax and give you energy to move forward with your life. It stimulates the will and the power to go on!

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