General terms and conditions Gem Society

1. General

The General Terms and Conditions for the Gem Society are issued by Sparkling Jewels and are part of the general terms and conditions of Sparkling Jewels. In case of any contradiction between the GEM Society conditions and the general terms and conditions of Sparkling Jewels, the general terms and conditions for the GEM Society have priority.

1.1. As a member of the Gem Society you will receive personalized offers, discounts and promotions from us. These are based on your previous online purchases. When your products from Sparkling Jewels buys from our partners, such as jewelers, department stores or shop-in-shops; In countries that do not participate in the program, they are not registered on your account. In the Netherlands, the minimum age to create a gem society account is 16 years.

1.2. To become Gem Society Member, the person concerned must place an order in the webshop of Sparkling Jewels. 

1.3. Only after placing an order on the website of Sparkling Jewels A GEM Society Member is eligible for the GEM Society benefits. 

1.4. Only orders placed after January 1, 2024 will be included in the loyalty program.


2. Gem society benefits

2.1. There are five different phases within the gem society loyalty program. The higher the phase in which you are, the more luxurious the offers, discounts and promotions are. In contrast to the basic benefits that every GEM Society Member receives, there will be exclusive benefits on top of the basic benefits per phase. 

2.2. To be eligible for the exclusive benefits of a certain phase, a GEM Society Member must give permission for this. You can do this at any time via the registration link in our gem society e-mail or via your gem society account when you are logged in via the website.

2.3. The four phases are described below, with every new gem society member starting in level 1.

  • Level 1 | Dedicated
  • Level 2 | Big Fan
  • Level 3 | In love
  • Level 4 | Obsessed

2.4. The phase in which you find yourself depends on the number of purchases you have made with your account. Keep in mind that you will be classified in the phase based on the number of identified purchases since the start of your membership, where orders will not be included before 1 January 2024. 

2.5. The more purchases you make, the more benefit you will have. You can always find the benefits for which you are eligible in your gem society account on the website of Sparkling Jewels. The conditions of these benefits are explained per offer when you qualify for this.

2.7. All available benefits are automatically added to your account and are available after identification or after you are logged in. Offers or surprises cannot be converted into money, not being exchanged for money and not being transferred to others. Offers, discounts and promotions can only be done on the website of Sparkling Jewels are exchanged. Partners of Sparkling Jewels Such as jewelers, department stores or shop-in-shops are excluded. 

2.8. Each order counts for the duration of 36 months. 


3. Personal data

3.1. Sparkling Jewels processes the following personal information in connection with the GEM Society Loyalty Program:

The required data is:

  • First and last name
  • e-mail address
  • date of birth

Other (optional) data that we ask are:

  • phone number
  • sex

3.2. When you make purchases as a Gem Society Member, register Sparkling Jewels The details of your purchase, including the date and location. In this way Sparkling Jewels An interest profile of you to select products, services, experiences and promotions that will be relevant to you. Sparkling Jewels Process your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. 


4. Other

4.1. Sparkling reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions and content of the My Gem Society Loyalty program at any time.

4.2. Apart from the other rules in these conditions, retains Sparkling the right to refuse your membership application and/or to suspend or terminate the GEM Society membership and/or to withdraw the benefits as a result of abuse of the services, the program and/or the benefits available to members .

4.5. From January 1, 2024, the participating countries are the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

4.4The benefits of the program can differ per country.