Change your Core earrings

As you maybe already know, all our jewelry is interchangeable. You have so many possibilities, the options are endless! Combine different gemstones and plating colours with one another to create a unique and personal piece of jewelry. How to change your Core earrings? Here is a little guide to explain it to you.

Three steps to create your own personal piece of jewelry! New in our Fall collection are the Core earrings. Beautiful shaped earrings in two different types: The Core Mat and The Core Crystal, which are available in Rose Gold, Gold and of-course silver.

Step 1.It is simple, step 1: Choose your favourite earring. You can find The Core Mat earrings over here and The Core Crystal earrings over here

Step 2.Choose your favourite eardrops. For example the Afterglow eardrops, little and sophisticated. Or maybe you prefer a bit bigger? Then the Supernova eardrops are the perfect ones for you. But why think small if you can think big? The Big Bang eardrops are the latest additions to our Fall collection and available in 7 different gemstone colours.

Step 3.At the back of the earrings you can find the double pins, one for your ear and one to put your gemstone eardrops on.

Et voila! Your personalised earringset is complete.


The Tiger Eye Big Bang eardrops with the Core Crystal Gold earrings.

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