From Earth to EEGANCE

A Vibrant Collection of Gems

A Vibrant Collection of Gems

Our colorful Gemstones are made with passion in the bustling Hong Kong, where the city is just as exciting as our sparkling stones.

Rough gemstone blocks are brought from all over the world to our production workshop, where they are sharpened and polished to sparkling Gemstones. Our talented professionals are true artists, who combine traditional grinding techniques with the latest technologies.

Earth's Treasures

Did you know Gemstones Are from all over the world? From the mines in Africa to the ocean floor in Australia, Elke Gemstone Has his own unique story and history. Our Gemstones are selected with the greatest care and attention and processed into beautiful jewelry. Join the Journey of Our Gemstones!

Let the colors of the world inspire your personal style with new gemstone tones every season. From brightly colored Aventurijn to beautiful quarz. Whether you opt for a single statement ring or a full mix and match look, our jewelry bring your personality to life and give a sparkling touch to every outfit.